Ask don’t assume

I have come to realise that trying to convince people who put so much faith in their assumptions is a waste of time.

People must learn to ask questions and verify things. They must try to understand the facts before jumping into conclusions. Good leaders look for answers. They do not consider themselves excellent mind readers. They are not arrogant. Good leaders are humble and they give others a chance to explain themselves. Good leaders are not judgmental. Good leaders respect others. Good leaders are good listeners. Listening on the other hand is deep. It is more than just hearing. It is the ability to comprehend what someone is saying. These are the people who come to you in a polite way and ask questions. When you talk they look you straight in the eye and when are done they can either ask more questions or nod their heads and say ” Oh, I see”.

Water and cultivate your favourite plant

When you cherish something you don’t kill it but rather you nurture and support it . You must  water and cultivate your favourite plant. If you want love, loyalty, respect etc…then you must do something that will promote that. Your attitude towards people in most cases determine how they treat you in return. I know that there some people who will treat you bad even when you are treating them well but a bad attitude will not get you anywhere. You motivate. You don’t discourage.

Get thee behind me Satan

There are only two Kingdoms. The kingdom of God and and the kingdom of Satan. The devil is responsible for all the bad things that happen in life and God is responsible for all the good things that happen in life. Let it be made clear that all the good things come from God, that is what the bible says. If that is the case I would like to believe that all the bad things come from the devil. God lets some of the bad things happen in our lives because he knows that He can turn them around for our own good. Let me reiterate for the sake of understanding. I said all good things come from God and all bad things come from the devil. Let me break this down, there are people in our lives who do good things for us. We see them doing good things for us but the truth is that it is not them but God working through them. There are people in our lives who do bad things against us but the truth is that it is not them but the devil working through them. So in life you are either an instrument in the hand of God or the devil but the CHOICE as to WHO should use YOU is YOURS that is why each one of us will one day be held accountable for every single thing we ever did. This reminds me of Peter. There was a day when, after being asked he confessed that Jesus Christ was the son of God and Jesus confirmed that it was the Holy Spirit who had revealed this to him but a after a few minutes later the devil entered and spoke through Peter that is why he said “Get thee behind me Satan “…..think for a moment who is using you right now. Is God using you to touch people’s lives?…..or is the devil using you to plot evil against others?

I’m neither weak nor foolish…

My enemies think I am weak because I remain silent and do not fight back regardless of how bad they treat me. They make their own assumptions as to the kind of a person I am but I remain silent. I smile a lot. I treat everyone with love and respect. The reason I do all this is that I have discovered that smiling is good for my health and bitterness makes me sick. I don’t like what my enemies do but I cannot allow myself to be bitter because bitterness is not good for my health.

Desperate people

Desperate people are very dangerous people. They do not think things through and they are characterised by the desire for instant gratification. One thing is for sure. When a desperate person tells you what they want you will be a fool if you ever believed them. A time will come when they will not feel desperate anymore and that is when they will reverse every decision they made when they were desperate. I know that this may not sound right but if a desperate person ask for something you must not be quick to respond favourably to their request or enter into an agreement with them because desperation is short lived.