It’s all about how you live…

Christianity is all about living right. Living according to the Word of God. When you buy a refrigerator they give you a manual that you must read and understand. When you apply what you read in the manual the refrigerator performs in a manner promised by the manufacturer. The manual is supplied by the manufacturer because he is the only one who understands the product better than anyone else.

God is the the creator of all things. He put instructions in each and every creature on how they should perform that is why all creatures are predictable except humans. God loved us so much that He created us in His image and gave us the the right to make our own decisions. He also gave us His Word (The Bible). We can choose to regard or disregard His word but there are consequences involved. The Bible is the manual provided for by the Manufacturer. Every instruction is penned down by God Himself in His Word. You may go to church and read the bible everyday but you will not live successfully unless you consider living according to the word of God.

Going to church is not a bad idea, telling people that you go to church is not necessary but living right is all that matters. Seek to please God each and every single day. Let everyone see the Christ in you by the way you live. You do not have to act like a Christian on a Sunday and then live like a devil from Monday to Saturday it does not work like that. You can start with chapters 5, 6, and 7 of the book of Matthew if you did not know what I am talking about. You will get clear instructions on how you should should treat e.g. your enemies, neighbours orphans and widows.

The bible is your manual. The bible alone. Please discard that doctrine you are using!!! You only need the BIBLE.

There’s only one you…

If you want to fail it is very easy…just try to be something that you are not or rather try to be like someone else. If you want to be successful then you must discover yourself, accept yourself and be yourself. God created only one you. If you don’t become yourself then the world shall forever be deprived of something. Do not let the opinions that people have of you affect you.

Passion killers

You know that a part of you is dead when what used to hurt you does not hurt you anymore. When you no longer feel the need for what you need. When you no longer crave for some things that you used to crave for. If you are not careful there are people in this life who can kill all the passion in you.

Ask don’t assume

I have come to realise that trying to convince people who put so much faith in their assumptions is a waste of time.

People must learn to ask questions and verify things. They must try to understand the facts before jumping into conclusions. Good leaders look for answers. They do not consider themselves excellent mind readers. They are not arrogant. Good leaders are humble and they give others a chance to explain themselves. Good leaders are not judgmental. Good leaders respect others. Good leaders are good listeners. Listening on the other hand is deep. It is more than just hearing. It is the ability to comprehend what someone is saying. These are the people who come to you in a polite way and ask questions. When you talk they look you straight in the eye and when are done they can either ask more questions or nod their heads and say ” Oh, I see”.