True love… who can find it?

What love is and what love is not

I think true love is that which exist  between two individuals who come together having decided to commit their lives to one another and decided to live as one. I think that the two will then give up their rights for the sake of each other. I think that people in love have similar views on important matters and that is what will make them a perfect couple. I think that true love enables people from different cultural or racial backgrounds to come together and become one. I think that true love can only be interpreted by the two that have been drawn to one another and cannot  be compared or imitated. I believe that the principles that people have can draw them together and be the foundation for trust.

I believe that trust is the glue that binds two lovers but like money I also think that trust does not grow on trees but is it is something that one perpetually works hard to earn. You cannot say that one must trust you simply because you are in a relationship with them or you are doing nothing wrong. You must always work  hard to present reliable evidence that make the other individual feel at peace. You cannot hang around with suspicious people at suspicious places and still expect to be trusted.

I think that true love has got no strings attached. Love the person and not what they can offer you. This is the biggest problem that people are facing especially  in developing countries. People involve themselves with  others for wrong reasons. There are people with gusts. A person can say yes because they want someone to feed them and they even reach a point where they get married. When one has eaten and they are full that is when they  start looking for the one they love and thus start cheating.

Finding love is as difficult as finding the drop of water that you just dropped into a cup full of water. If you have tried finding love and have failed I am sure that you can agree with me that it is only God that can guide you to the right person. I used to think that by being a good man you can attract good women but experience proved me wrong. The other thing is that,  you may find a good woman but she might not be attracted or interested in you. On the other hand, the person that might love you might not have the qualities you need.

I mentioned the group of people that may involve themselves with others for financial reasons. There is also another bad group that involves themselves with others because of physical looks just to use them especially sexually. This is what we refer to as infatuation. These are the people that will flatter you and tell you how beautiful you are. They will tell you about love at first sight. They will tell you about the colour of your eyes, your height,  the texture of your skin and your blonde hair but nothing about your character. They will treat you like a sex object and once you give them sex then they leave and then come back when they   want it again. Some of them leave for good once the results of their action come out e.g pregnancy.

We need to have our eyes opened inorder for us to see true love and to also see what it is not. We also need to be patient and to seek divine intervention because we do not have the right verification skills to be able to identify true love when it comes our way. It is only God who can do it for us. He who finds a wife finds a good thing that is what the bible say but a wife can only come from God. I do not care how much money you have, how decent you think you are, or how fine you look without God you can only go through a series of heartbreaks till the day you relocate to the cemetery. You can call men dogs if you like but still that will not help.

It is only God that can help us. Let us stop acting smart. It is only God that can lead you to the person who is going to love you the way you are. Even if you have a pathetic history God can help you. He is the one who initiated this. Let us stop acting like we invented love. God is love. He is the creator of love. He initiated relationships.

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