Enemies of Success

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about only three things that can stop someone on the road of success. They can prevent you from getting what you want in life or becoming who you should be. They can stop you from discovering who you really are. They can lock you up in the prison of poverty if you let them.

They could be more but I just want to bring to your attention the following three enemies of success:
Comfort, Fear and Pride.


Do not allow yourself to become too comfortable to contemplate your next move. No one is invincible you can be replaced anytime no matter how good you are. So you must work hard to improve yourself and also plan for your future. Do not wait until you lose your job to start a new business. Business needs patience. It is very difficult to have patience if you lose your job unexpectedly. If you are running a business and are doing well do not relax. Competition can easily boot you out of business. Competition can come up with a better product or similar product at a better price. So you must not allow yourself to become comfortable as if it is illegal for other businesses to approach your customers with a better offer. You must think about and plan for the future.


Fear is one of the worst enemies of success and it can keep you in the prison of poverty until you die. Do not be afraid of failing or anything. Try and if you fail try again. Make up your mind never to stop trying until you make it. Your desire to succeed must outweigh your fear of failure. Develop and insatiable desire for success. Be courageous and resilient.


This is also one of the worst enemies of success. Pride can assassinate your dreams if you let it. You must not for any reason think that you are better than others. You must not let pride stop you from approaching others if you need help. You may find yourself in a situation where you need to cut your expenses inorder for you to meet your goals. You may need to park your car for days and use public transport. You may need to move into a less expensive apartment to save money for your business. You may need to sell your car and buy a less expensive model. You need to reach a certain point in life where you do not care what people say or think. There are times in life when you need to humble yourself and ask for advice or help from people that are supposed to be asking for your help or advice.

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