I believe that God created each one of us for a purpose. I believe that each one of us is designed specifically for the purpose God intended for him or her. Life can only be lived completely when one does what they were sent here to do. I therefore think that the first and most important thing is for one to know what to seek in life. We need to discover ourselves first. Knowledge of self will automatically lead you to your purpose.

God is your creator. He is the one who knows what He created and why. Seek God first. Once you find God then you will find yourself. God will introduce you to yourself.

Many people waste their lives trying to fit in when they are supposed to stand out.

Read your bible and pray. Seek God and He will reveal himself to you. The more you grow in knowledge of your creator the more you grow in knowledge of yourself.

The word of God need to be studied thoroughly if you are serious about knowing God.