I’m neither weak nor foolish…

My enemies think I am weak because I remain silent and do not fight back regardless of how bad they treat me. They make their own assumptions as to the kind of a person I am but I remain silent. I smile a lot. I treat everyone with love and respect. The reason I do all this is that I have discovered that smiling is good for my health and bitterness makes me sick. I don’t like what my enemies do but I cannot allow myself to be bitter because bitterness is not good for my health.

2 thoughts on “I’m neither weak nor foolish…”

  1. Excellent thoughts!

    If we consider the fact that all those who stood by, mocking Jesus as weak while He remained silent when being led like a lamb to the slaughter, if He did not endure that (IN LOVE), all of humanity would not have had a chance to be redeemed and to look forward to eternal life. Jesus needed to have a betrayer to fulfill God’s eternal plan of salvation. He was DEFINITELY not weak. On the contrary, quite the opposite!

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